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It started with "I do"

In 2012, Charlotta and I discovered our shared passion for winemaking, a dream that took root among the timeless vineyards of Bourgogne. Our wedding, held amidst these very vines, was the first step in a journey towards creating something truly our own – a personalized Champagne that, while meaningful, was just the beginning of our aspiration.

Balancing careers in the corporate world and nurturing our young family, this dream often felt like a distant luxury. Yet, now with the invaluable support of a remarkably talented artist, we find ourselves ready to pursue this endeavor.

Our Story: About Us
Chalet Scandinave Chamonix Blanc de Blancs.png


Bespoke Elegance in Every Detail has evolved beyond its bespoke Champagne roots, venturing into the realms of luxury travel and interior design.

Central to this journey is our Chalet Scandinave in Chamonix – a symbol of our unwavering commitment to luxury. The mountain retreat not only captures the essence of luxurious travel but also acts as a testament to our flair for interior design.

Influenced by the charm and elegance of Chalet Scandinave, we have now curated two exceptional Champagnes, each embodying our attention to detail. These Champagnes are a celebration of our journey and a tribute to the art of fine living.

Our Story: About Us
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