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Culinary Delights in Champagne: 5 Must-Try Restaurants for Foodies

When most people think of Champagne, they think of bubbly and vineyards. However, the region is also home to some amazing restaurants that serve up delicious food and are definitely worth a visit for foodies. From Michelin-starred restaurants to cozy bistros, here are five must-try restaurants to experience the culinary delights of the Champagne region.

  1. L'Assiette Champenoise: This Michelin three-star restaurant, located in the city of Reims, is headed by Chef Arnaud Lallement. He is known for his inventive and contemporary French cuisine that highlights local ingredients. The restaurant's wine cellar is also impressive, with over 40,000 bottles of champagne and wine.

  2. Restaurant Foch: Located in the heart of the city of Reims, this Michelin one-star restaurant is known for its classic French cuisine with a modern twist. The chef, Nicolas Stamm, uses fresh and seasonal ingredients to create his dishes, which are beautifully presented and full of flavor.

  3. Le Parc: This Michelin two-star restaurant is situated in the Domaine Les Crayères, a grand hotel and chateau in Reims. Chef Philippe Mille's dishes are a perfect mix of classic and modern French cuisine, using fresh ingredients from the hotel's vegetable garden. The restaurant also boasts a wine list with over 700 different bottles.

  4. Le Millénaire: Located in Epernay, this Michelin one-star restaurant serves contemporary French cuisine with a focus on seafood. The menu changes seasonally, and Chef Franck Putelat sources the freshest ingredients from local suppliers. The restaurant also offers an impressive wine list that includes over 150 champagnes.

  5. Hostellerie La Briqueterie: This Michelin one-star restaurant, located in Vinay, offers classic French cuisine with a focus on local ingredients. Chef Jean-Louis Bottigliero's dishes are both inventive and delicious, and the restaurant's wine list features over 700 different bottles of champagne and wine.

Bonus recommendation: Les Berceaux - This Michelin two-star restaurant, located in Epernay, offers contemporary French cuisine that focuses on seasonal ingredients. The chef, Christophe Bernard, combines classic techniques with modern twists to create dishes that are both innovative and flavorful. The restaurant's wine list features over 450 different champagnes.

So there you have it, five must-try restaurants for foodies in Champagne and a bonus recommendation that is sure to delight your taste buds. Bon appétit!

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